Gourmand is a charcuterie, cheese, and wine shop that also serves as a small wine bar in the evenings.  Being located in the historic S&W Market in downtown Asheville makes for a perfect early afternoon and evening apéro destination.

The food we offer reflects our passion for European products, local produce, and the lifestyle in which they are enjoyed.  Taking inspiration from the many cave à mangers in Paris, we aim to provide quality small dishes in a casual environment.  Our great appreciation for low intervention, small production wines is the mainstay for our ever evolving wine list.

Katie Grabach & Peyton Barrell have always been passionate about food and wine, taking any chance to travel in pursuit of culinary indulgence. After an abrupt COVID induced shutdown of all things hospitality and far too much free time they decided to return to New Orleans to begin a concept of their own. For two and a half years Gourmand operated as a charcuterie wholesaler, private event company, and exclusive speakeasy cultivating a great community of supporters and customers. After an unfortunate run in with Hurricane Ida it was decided a relocation was necessary for the vitality of Gourmand and the sanity of its two partners. Both agreed there was no better destination than Asheville.