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As the demand for healthier yet casual food options has grown, food halls have become increasingly popular. This popularity along with the lower startup operating expenses has created a prime opportunity for vendors (restaurateurs, food trucks, etc.) to locate themselves in food halls, where there is in many ways greater built-in foot traffic than even some stand-alone restaurant spaces.



It’s no secret that downtown Asheville is thriving and is a nationally recognized destination. The S & W is right in the heart of downtown and is already a well-recognized architectural gem of the city. Your business will see immediate high volume in customers as a result.



The common areas throughout the main floor, mezzanine, and newly expanded sidewalk will have comfortable and inviting seating areas for patrons to enjoy. Thoughtfully planned spaces enable ease of use for customers wanting to get in and out quickly for a quick bite, or for those who want sit down for a meal and have some conversation.



The great thing about putting your space in a food hall is that construction and other setup has been done, which means that much of the headache associated with opening a new restaurant location has already been taken care of. That way you can concentrate on what you do best; preparing menus and serving delicious food.

We also take care of all of your branding and marketing needs, including your website and social media.


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Become a Vendor